January 2014: "The International Community is Helping Solve a Ukrainian Problem Called 'Chornobyl'" with Dan Strom

December 2013: Holiday Social

November 2013: "Lessons from a Year in the US Army in a Very Non-Combat Role" with Mary Zalesny

October 2013: "Working at the IAEA" with Eric Smith

June 2013: "Gone in 50 femtoseconds" with James Evans

May 2013: "Covering the Science Beat" with Annette Cary

April 2013: "Dark Matter Science: From cosmology to direct detection" with John Orrell

March 2013: "Weighing the Neutrino" with Brent VanDevender

November 2012 - "The story behind the development of the TSA Millimeter Wave Scanners" with David Sheen

October 2012 - "Negotiating the Technical Award Maze: Impact on your career and tips from an insider" with Janet Bryant

September 2012 - "Grouper Moon: an Example of Scientific Illustration's Impact and Use" with Cindy Shaw

August 2012 - social cafe

July 2012 - "From ancient to old glass - a case for long-term "experiments" in nuclear waste management" with Denis Strachan

June 2012 - "Computational Materials Modeling - Where's the Beef?" with Chuck Henager

May 2012 - "Conversations about Vaccines in Social Media" with Court Corley

April 2012 - "Geology and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle" with Frannie Skomurski

March 2012 - "Cave Exploration" with Vincent Rundhaug

February 2012 - "Winemaking and the Wine Industry" with John Bookwalter

January 2012 - "Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant - An Update" with Albert Krueger

November 2011 - "Ecology of Dam Removal: Options and Benefits" with Dennis Dauble

October 2011 - "Measuing Fukushima's Impact" with Derek Haas

September 2011 - "Finding Nemo, Only Less Cartoony" with Kristy Hensheid

August 2011 - "How Many Light Bulbs Does it Take to Change a Scientist?" with Alan Rither (Sigma Xi Year of Ethics Science Cafe)

July 2011 - summer break

June 2011 - "The Geologic Evolution of the Columbia River System" with Steve Riedel

May 2011 - "The Intersection of Security, Technology, and Privacy: The Policies and Ethics of Screening and Surveillance" with David Atkinson (Sigma Xi Year of Ethics Science Cafe)

April 2011 - "Lessons Learned from Challenger" with Jane Campbell

March 2011 - "Dust Devils and Moon Fountains: Electric Fields in Odd Places" with Harold Kirkham

February 2011 - "Medical Isotopes: Production and Use" with Darrell Fisher

January 2011 - "From Candle Wax to Organic LEDs - recent advances in organic materials for lighting" with Dan Gaspar

December 2010 - holiday break

November 2010 - "Naturalism, Design, and Creationism: Scientific Theories, Beliefs, Ideas, and their Consequences" with Glenn Fink

September 2010 - "The Future of the Rattlesnake Mountain Observatory" with Roy Gephart

August 2010 - "American High School 2.0" with Deidre Holmberg

July 2010 - summer break

June 2010 - social cafe

May 2010 - "Kidney Stones: The Result of Ingesting Contaminated Food" with Jim Campbell (Sigma Xi Year of Food Safety and Security Science Cafe)

April 2010 - "Functional Mesoporous Carbon: A Fresh Look at Carbon Chemistry" with Glenn Fryxell

March 2010 - "Capturing Carbon Dioxide and Other Acid Gases Using CO2-Binding Organic Liquids (CO2BOLS)" with Phillip Koech (joint Science Cafe with American Chemical Society)

February 2010 - "How can biorefineries limit our addiction to oil?" with Birgitte Ahring

January 2010 - "Where in the World was that Nuclear Explosion?!" with Derek Haas

November 2009 - "Cataclysmic Ice Age Floods of Eastern Washington" with Bruce Bjornsted

October 2009 - "What was the greatest Discovery in Chemistry in the 20th Century?" - open discussion topic/debate

May 2009 - "Aspects on Water Availability and Agriculture under a Warming Climate, Yakima River Basin" with John Vaccaro

April 2009 - "The Future of Nuclear Power in a Renewable World" with Dale Atkinson (Sigma Xi Year of Energy Science Cafe)

February 2008 - "Hanford's Past and Potential Futures" with Roy Gephart (joint Science Cafe with the American Chemical Society)

November 2007 - "Celebrating our Seaborg Award Winners"

September 2007 - "How Many Scientists Does it take to Change a Light Bulb" with Paul Burrows

June 2007 - "A Conversation on Climate Change" with Bill Pennell