6pm Monday September 21, 2015

WSU Consolidated Information Center (CIC) Room 210

Harold Kirkham 

MEASUREMENTS: The Third Revolution

People have been making measurements since the beginning of civilization. For electrical quantities, the process was revolutionized in the late 19th century by the introduction of direct-reading instruments. In the late 20th century, digital instrumentation gave us another revolution. 

The third revolution has yet to get underway. It will build on the capabilities of digital instruments, and yield information of unprecedented richness. The third revolution changes the meaning of familiar terms such as power factor and reactive power. It clarifies terms such as instantaneous frequency. It allows measurement systems to assess the quality of the results of a measurement in real time, and it brings new meaning to calibration.

Joint meeting with IEEE-PES

President - Carol Gassman (cgassman@columbiabasin.edu)

Vice-President - vacant

Secretary/Treasurer - Mary Bliss (mary.bliss@pnnl.gov)